Current Programs

Cultivate & B.L.O.O.M.

Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area partnered this year with Impact Hub Houston, Impact Hub Baltimore, and adidas to launch a new program called Cultivate & B.L.O.O.M. (Building Legacies Out of Movements), an accelerator program for social entrepreneurs of color.

Black Women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs in the US, but face significant hurdles to grow and scale. We believe programs like Cultivate & B.L.O.O.M. are important initiatives that can provide brilliant founders the support they deserve and accelerate their success.

Learn more about the program here.

Morristown Climate Project

Did you know most Americans (52%) live in suburban areas and the carbon footprint per-capita in suburban areas is sometimes more than 4x higher than in cities? Did you know suburbs in the US are growing faster than cities as more people move to these areas? The Morristown Climate Project is a comprehensive study to 1) understand local sentiments about climate action and social issues (aligned with the SDGs), 2) measure the total carbon footprint of the town, and 3) make recommendations how Morristown and other suburbs can take action on climate. Learn more here.

Impact for Breakfast

Impact for Breakfast is here to support employment creation and provision of essential services to impoverished communities that have suffered from limited access to basics like education, healthcare, clean water, sanitation and livelihood opportunities. Learn more here. 

Past Programs

Culinary Action! On the Road

Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area partnered with Basque Culinary Center to launch the 2nd edition of Culinary Action! On the Road: an international entrepreneurship program for foodtech startups that kicked off in September 2022 with competitions in New York (US), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Copenhagen (Denmark), Tokyo (Japan) and Tel-Aviv (Israel), in collaboration with local partners. The program aimed to attract cutting-edge projects, entrepreneurial talent and technology startups from the agri-food sector involved in the 360º gastronomy and food technology fields. The initiative was geared towards startups devising new products or services that help to transform gastronomy value chain players, from chefs, head waiters and managers to producers, distributors, diners, etc.

Learn more here.

Sustainable Cities Lab

Recognizing the critical role of innovation in making cities more sustainable, resilient, and livable, Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area and Swissnex launched the Sustainable Cities Lab, a startup program that brought together a selected group of Climate Tech entrepreneurs from Switzerland and New York City. 

The main objectives of the program were to give Swiss and New York startups an opportunity to better understand the fundamentals of the US Climate Tech market and engage key experts. 

Learn more here.

Impact State of Mind Conference 

Impact State of Mind was a three-day UNGA side event at the intersection of Climate Action and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Climate Change is the greatest challenge of our generation, but it’s not the only one! We organized this event because we believe we have a responsibility to help advance efforts to combat climate while also taking into account the many other urgent issues that demand our attention now.

Impact State of Mind brought together local and global innovators to explore various intersections through co-creation, fire-side chats, panels, and networking. Our partners bring together a mix of sessions that leverage their deep and authentic experiences, while engaging audiences to magnify impact.

Learn more here.

Building an African Innovation Ecosystem in New York 

Building An African Innovation Ecosystem in NY was an initiative by Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area and Impact Hub Accra, co-created with African Women in Technology, and Baobab Consulting. The event is part of the Impact State of Mind Conference in partnership with Marketplace of the Future. 

This UNGA side event highlighted leading Africa-focused innovators from both sides of the Atlantic, with the aim to catalyze collaborations and exchange between Africa-focused entrepreneurs, African diaspora, and others passionate about connecting to African innovation ecosystems. New York is the most important city for Africans outside of Africa. Leveraging our collective networks and 14 partner Impact Hubs on the continent, we believe we can help advance the sustainable rise of Africa and New York!

Learn more here.

Ghana X Innovation 

Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area teamed up with Impact Hub Accra to organize an innovation ecosystem tour of Ghana for NY Metro stakeholders, entrepreneurs and investors. , This unparalleled hands-on program featured opportunities to learn, network, taste, invest and experience Ghana! Participants had a unique look inside how Ghana is approaching sustainable and inclusive development from all angles.

Tour highlights included stakeholder roundtables, meetings with the Mayor of Accra and Osu Chief to discuss climate action and sustainable development, visits to tech schools, innovation centers and creative studios, networking opportunities with leading entrepreneurs, and cultural experiences. 

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Blueprint 2021 

Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area launched an entrepreneurship program during the COVID crisis designed to support innovators in the NY Metro Area to reimagine the future in alignment to improve health outcomes (The Culture of Health).

The 11 week incubator program included a variety of sessions ranging from marketing and storytelling to fundraising and product-market fit, before concluding with a pitch day. The program supported 15 entrepreneurs in neighborhoods across the Metro Area and supplied resources, skill development, and mentorship opportunities. 

Learn more here.

Queer Kickstart

Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area launched Queer Kickstart, a program designed to help LGBTQ+ social entrepreneurs resolve their business pain points, develop a meaningful peer network, and increase their visibility during the COVID-19 crisis. We know that startups and SMEs create the most jobs. We know that queer founders and LGBTQ+ POC are under-served and under-funded. Now is the time to change that. We believe LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs are changing the world!

The program was a two-day virtual bootcamp that featured startup evaluation, one-on-one mentoring, expert sessions, and working sessions incorporating learning directly into entrepreneur’s work. 

Learn more here.

Impact State of Mind Virtual Events Series 

Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area launched a free, virtual program created to support the NY Metro Area’s impact innovation ecosystem during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. The program featured sharing breaking information as it affects the startup ecosystem, help businesses pivot to digital models, grasp new technologies, and ignite innovation towards impact. 

The program was composed of virtual sessions representing a mix of succinct webinars, workshops, panel discussions, and online activities. Content was interactive and available to participate live or watch on our Youtube channel post-production. 

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