There is no tackling climate change in the US without focusing on the suburbs.

Did you know:

Most Americans (52%) live in suburban areas and the carbon footprint per-capita in suburban areas is sometimes more than 4x higher than in cities? Did you know suburbs in the US are growing faster than cities as more people move to these areas?


The Morristown Climate Project is a comprehensive study to 1) understand local sentiments about climate action and social issues (aligned with the SDGs), 2) measure the total carbon footprint of the town, and 3) make recommendations how Morristown and other suburbs can take action on climate.

We are specifically exploring the intersectionality of Climate Action with the other 2030 Sustainable Development Goals because we understand that no problem can be solved in a vacuum. We must do our best to advance progress on several fronts simultaneously!

The Morristown Climate Project will engage audiences across the town of Morristown extensively through surveys, focus groups, and interviews (in its first phase), before taking the results to inform a carbon data study (in it’s second phase). Part of our work will be to dive deep with diverse groups to understand what mutual wins can be pursued to take action on climate and make social progress.

The results of the study will be shared openly in a case study and playbook for Morristown and suburban areas across New Jersey and the US to learn from and pursue their own climate action strategies.

The project will also serve as an exciting launching point for the Center for SubUrban Climate Action’s work to support the development of local innovative businesses, as well as attract businesses from across the world to pilot solutions in the American suburbs to help us fight climate change.

Goals of the study:

  • Understand the full impact of the town on the climate
  • Help local businesses, organizations, and individuals lower their carbon footprint
  • Understand which challenges and social issues residents in businesses in Morristown are most passionate about and advance the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Help Morristown and other suburbs transition to a more sustainable economic development while shifting to the forefront of the new economy
  • Build a base from which to offer programs, workshops and other work that the Center for SubUrban Climate Action can tackle over time.

Why Morristown, NJ?

Approximately 80% of people in New Jersey live in areas that can be described as suburban, making New Jersey the ultimate suburban environment within the US.

Morristown is the ideal town to serve as a test bed for suburban climate action due to it’s unmatched diversity of features that align with and reflect the diversity of features in suburbs across America, including:

  • Ethnic, cultural, political, and economic diversity 
  • Walkable downtown with larger buildings, as well as leafy spread out neighborhoods 
  • Supportive governance
  • Global corporations and small businesses, 
  • Transportation: train station to the urban core (NYC), bus system, it’s own airport, highway systems
  • Multitude of parks, national parks and forested areas 
  • Historical neighborhoods and new neighborhoods

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