Excited to create impact together?

Are you a non-profit, a public institution, or a foundation interested in developing entrepreneurial solutions, building innovation cultures or running startup programs? Would you like to drive change and generate impact for people and the planet around the issues you care about?

With years of experience in turning great ideas into concrete action, Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area is ready to support you in tackling today’s most pressing challenges – from community engagement for a cause to making industries more sustainable.

What we offer
Corporate Innovation Workshops & Focus Groups

Organizing events, workshops and focus groups is our bread and butter. Our team is well-versed in the ins and outs of all things innovation. From design thinking workshops, to day-long retreats, we’re here to help your company solve internal challenges, brainstorm innovative practices, and better understand key activities that are integral to your growth.

Innovation Tours

Are you interested in visiting New York’s startup ecosystem? As the Metropolitan Area’s one and only Impact Hub, we’re happy to host visitors who are interested in engaging with the social impact ecosystem. We’ll work with you one on one to tailor-make an innovation tour specific to your co-hort’s needs.

Carbon & Impact Measurement

Measurement is everything to a social impact organization. We’re here to help you better understand where you’re succeeding, and where there are areas for improvement. Not only will we measure your company’s carbon footprint, we will design a solution for decarbonizing your operations – regardless of which industry you’re in. Similarly, we’ll review your impact goals and develop plants to better track, measure and communicate your progress.

Research & Development

If you’re passionate about the social impact community across the New York Metropolitan Area, and are interested in conducting research, we’re your first stop. We’ll direct you to the key stakeholders who will be integral to your research across any local and global community related to social innovation and the SDGs.

Soft landing in the US

Looking to expand your business to the US in the NY Metropolitan Area? We can help you officially establish and pilot your US operations. Our turn-key solutions will help you get from A-Z while setting up shop here in the US.


Looking to partner with us on one of your initiatives, or want to join us on one of ours? We’d be excited to explore opportunities to work together. 


Interested in hosting an event in one of our two spaces? From panel discussions to pitch competitions, the hub is here to welcome you for your next impact driven event.

Creative Consulting

Need help building up your social media presence? Looking for a copy-editer to support your web development? Our team of content creators, social media managers, web designers and more are here to help.

Let us know how you’d like to collaborate