Queer Kickstart is designed to help entrepreneurs resolve their business pain points, develop a meaningful peer network, and increase their visibility during the COVID-19 crisis. We know that startups and SMEs create the most jobs. We know that queer founders and LGBTQ+ POC are under-served and under-funded. Now is the time to change that. We believe LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs are changing the world!

Startup diagnostic to evaluate needs: We provided deep-dive analysis of each entrepreneur’s business to identify key areas for development

One-on-one mentoring: Entrepreneurs worked with LGBTQ+ experts who helped improve various areas of their work.

Expert sessions: Leading experts worked with entrepreneurs on topics such as customer discovery, stakeholder mapping, and storytelling.

Work sessions to incorporate learnings: We don’t just talk, we do! Participants worked in real time to strengthen elements of their business as they were challenged throughout the program.

Inspiring LGBTQ+ founders candid Q&A: Participants had a chance to hear and engage with inspiring LGBTQ+ founders, who shared how they overcame challenges and broke the mold to develop successful businesses.

Virtual demo/pitch to judging panel and online community: Entrepreneurs pitched their companies to the wider community to improve visibility and networks.

Queer Kickstart is an initiative created and supported in partnership with: Seven25, Protagoniste, Startout, and Impact Hub.