Impact State of Mind was a 3-day UNGA side event at the intersection of Climate Action and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Climate Change is the greatest challenge of our generation, but it’s not the only one! We organized this event because we believe we have a responsibility to help advance efforts to combat climate while also taking into account the many other urgent issues that demand our attention now!

From decarbonizing cities to social justice, impact investing to health and cannabis, climate education to global governance – we need to get real about what it takes to improve people and planet simultaneously.

Impact State of Mind brought together local and global innovators to explore various intersections through co-creation, fire-side chats, panels, and networking. Our partners brought together a mix of sessions that leveraged their deep and authentic experiences, while engaging audiences to magnify impact.

Each day of the event had it’s own theme:

We welcomed entrepreneur, investor, nonprofit, social innovator, corporate, advocate, and students to join us for this exciting conference to discuss the future.