The David Prize
17 February 2021 - Impact Hub

We are so excited to share our recent conversation with The David Prize and two of their inspiring 2020 winners. We chatted with Erika Boll, the Executive Director of the prize fund, to learn more about the competition and how it’s changing New York City for the better.

The prize is designed with the intention of uplifting the voices of New York City visionaries who are on the path towards creating meaningful change for the 5 boroughs- but need a bit of a push. Each year, 5 winners are selected to receive a prize of $200,000 in unrestricted funding with no strings attached. “It’s intended to free up the space mentally, emotionally and financially for these New Yorkers to do whatever it is they want to better the city,” Erika explained.

While the prize isn’t sector specific, they are particularly focused on supporting New Yorkers. “We believe in the power of people. We look for individuals who are New Yorkers- and whose work is within the 5 boroughs. We want to know how your idea will help the city and how it’s contributing the fabric of New York,” Erika said of the selection process.

Erika introduced us to two winners of the 2020 prize, Cielo and Dr. Suzette Brown. Watch the video to learn more about the winners and their inspiring initiatives changing New York City for the better.