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Unpacking the Privilege in Purpose

Oct 15th
17:00 - 18:00
Unpacking the Privilege in Purpose

Purpose has become a popular buzzword for businesses and individuals alike. And, for good reason. For people, purpose has the power to motivate, propel, and inform impact. For businesses, purpose ensures a social mission that drives teams to do good. A recent study from Mckinsey & Company further explores purpose in the context of a crisis.

Purpose can be so powerful, and we acknowledge there is an element of privilege that we need to address, when we talk about purpose. This is not to say that only people with privilege lead purposeful lives, but rather, there is privilege in wealth and income which makes it easier for some people to pursue their purpose. Additionally, there is privilege for identities which have historically had greater access to pursue purpose-driven work. Post traumatic events, our brains goes into flight or fight mode and people can lose a sense of purpose. All of this defines who has access.

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