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Impact Funding for Social Entrepreneurs During Covid19

Oct 27th
17:00 - 18:30
Impact Funding for Social Entrepreneurs During Covid19

The Impact Funding landscape is changing, adapting to the new rules dictated by Covid-19 and by a renewed push for social justice and equality, both at societal and infrastructure levels. While the entrepreneurial ecosystem is trying to evolve to offset all the new obstacles and create new paradigms, the investor community is put to the test to see how it’s reacting to it, and how it’s supporting the new challenges of the community.

How can Social Entrepreneurs connect and reconnect with Impact capital? How the Impact Investing community can deploy capital in a more meaningful and cross-systemic way?

Moderated by Simone Tarantino, a veteran social entrepreneur, we will entertain an honest conversation with three powerhouses from the Impact Investing community: Rashmi Pendse (Citi Impact Fund), Erika Boll (The David Prize), and Melissa Bradley (1863 Ventures) who will share their insights, opportunities, and propose solutions.

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